Did you buy a fixer-upper? Maybe you couldn’t find a move-in ready house in your budget, maybe you wanted to find something you could make your own, maybe you just really bought into all the home makeover miracles you saw on HGTV. But then life happened, and now your great plans are still on the to-do list. Here are several projects you can knock out over a weekend to upgrade your home’s style and value.

Update your front door. Brightly colored entrances are a great way to personalize your home and make your house look more inviting. A brand new door is costly, but you can paint your current one for the cost of a quart of paint and a couple of drop cloths.

Upgrade your handles and pulls. You don’t need to refinish your cabinets to update your kitchen!

Create an accent wall. Pick a bright color and paint just one wall of your favorite room. Make sure you think about the use of the wall and its placement in the room. A great option is using the wall behind your headboard to anchor your bedroom.

Add a ceiling fan. Replace your boring overhead light with a fan that will bring form and function to the room.

If you’re ready to tackle a bigger project, use the equity in your home to help fund it. With a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit from Inspire, you can finally turn your fixer-upper into your dream home.