We have compiled a list of 45 different ways to use your HELOC! Our first list of ideas is focused on improving your home’s value and updating your living space. We hope these ideas and tips will inspire you to imagine endless possibilities!

New Roof
This cumbersome and often expensive purchase is a necessary upgrade to your home. Whether you are looking to improve the value of your home or reduce heat energy expenses, this major project will benefit you for years to come and boost your ROI! With a HELOC you can manage this project’s expenses over time and reduce the initial impact to your pocket. Check out the return on a roof investment here.

New Windows and Doors
Updating these items can give your entire home a facelift. Whether it is installing new energy efficient windows, or giving your front and back doors an update, a HELOC will help you achieve your goal. If you think about just how many windows and doors your home has, the bill can add up quickly, the HELOC will give you flexible options that fit your repayment schedule! See how much money you can ultimately save by updating here

Bathroom Remodel
Remodeling your bathroom(s) can have a big impact on the appearance and value of your home. Not only is it a relatively small and affordable remodeling project, but it is also guaranteed to make a positive difference in your daily routine and return on investment. Here are some efficient and smart ways to improve your space!

Kitchen Remodel
What once was a homeowner’s nightmare, now couldn’t be easier. A HELOC is a great way to finance new stainless-steel appliances, new cabinets, new flooring, or even a new island. Making small improvements to such a large selling point in your house will net you much a large return in value! For additional creative ways to improve your kitchen check this out!

Family Room Remodel
The central hub of family and fun should never be left to the wayside to become outdated. Investing a portion of money into this room can define and anchor a space within your home that is warm, inviting, and valuable. There are many options to choose from when updating this space, whether it be a new coat of paint, new furniture, or a new fireplace finishing. A HELOC can help you budget your funds appropriately and give you some budget parameters to get the project started! Browse through some creative ways to update your family room.

Landscaping Project
Giving your home some curb appeal can drastically increase your asking price! There are many options available to you when researching landscaping ideas, it can be a do-it-yourself project or you can hire professionals. Adding lush greenery, dark mulches, and colorful pops of foliage will boost your value for a small investment! Check out your options!

New Pool
Whether you want to give your existing pool a facelift or add this small piece of paradise to your backyard, the HELOC makes it possible! Pool projects can become costly very quickly, but with a HELOC you are able to have the income at your fingertips. This addition will not only provide entertainment, but will boost curb appeal should you decide to sell your home in the future. Check out some cool pool tips!

New Deck
The outside living spaces in your home matters just as much as the inside spaces do! Choosing to update or add a new deck will not only increase your home’s value, but will add function to your everyday life. You can utilize a deck space for a cookout, birthday party, a family gathering, or even storage space. Keeping a well-maintained deck space can cut the costs of a facelift while still providing options to improve appeal. Take a peek at some amazing ideas!

Flooring is probably the most widespread item in your home. It is one of the first things people take note of when they visit a space. It is essential to entice buyers with a modern clean design if you’re looking to sell. If you simply want to update your space, new flooring is a quick way to make a large impact on a budget. Here is a helpful guide to get you started!

Basement Update
There has been a huge surge in the updated basement trend. More and more often, homeowners are tapping into the value stored beneath the ground! This multi-functional space can be customized to your heart’s desire which makes it a prime candidate to receive funding from a HELOC. Check out some tips before you begin to update this space!

Update Interior and Exterior Paint
Paint is essentially the skin of your home, updating this surface will increase curb appeal, increase value, and if you update according to science, your overall wellbeing! Paint is another great category deserving of a HELOC infusion.

These major projects and updates will prove to increase your home’s value and ultimately have you feeling as though you made a sound investment of your HELOC. Keep following as we continue to explore your equity options and the ways in which we can utilize it to its full potential.


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